What kind of hiker are you?

Are you a peace-seeking hiker who comes to nature in search of a balance for the rest of life ? Are you going to travel routes because of the freedom that every step of the way brings ? Or are you a long distance walker with stages ready from ladder to ladder and want to take a measure with yourself ?

Maybe you’re the one who brings your kids to explore the secrets of the forest.

What kind of hiker are you? 

Be free to be yourself, find your inner hiker, one of your survivors, or be exactly what you already know you are. 

However, remember to respect nature and other hikers.

In this way, we will preserve what we have now, also in the future.

Petkeljärvi National Park

Petkeljärvi National Park is one of Finland's 41 National Parks. Petkeljärvi National Park is Finland's smallest and easternmost national park. Together with 6 other national parks, the year of establishment is 1956, which means that it belongs to the series of the oldest national parks established after the wars. War history is strongly visible here, although no actual battles have ever taken place in the park area, the closest ones are in Oinassalmi and Möhkö. Border Karelian culture lives on strong even today, after all, the border is only a stone's throw away.

Read more : https://www.nationalparks.fi/petkeljarvinp





Campfire site in Petraniemi

In Petraniemi, behind the main building of the camping center, there is a campfire site freely available to all visitors. Firewood can be found on the east side of the main building. Please take into account that during a grass or forest fire warning, open fires are prohibited, in which case you can use the camping center's barbecue cabin free of charge. You can get more information from the camping center's staff .

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