Wood-heated sauna

Wood-heated sauna

Petkeljärventie 61, 82900 Ilomantsi

Petkeljärvi's beach sauna has 2 separate changing rooms, one shower room, and a steam room. Sauna bookers take turns in using the changing rooms, so you can wait for your turn in your own changing room a little in advance, and correspondingly, when your soaking session is over, you can dry off and cool down in peace, even if a new group has already arrived at the sauna.

For those staying at the Petkeljärvi camping center or campsite, the prices in June-August are 25€/h for 1-4 persons and additional persons 2€/person/h, for those not staying in June-August 35€/h for 1-4 persons and additional persons 4€/person/h.

In May and in September and October, the price is also affected by demand. The sauna is not heated for just one hour-long sauna shift without a separate €50 "start fee", unless there are no other saunas available for the same day.

GROUPS ; 6€/person/h in June-August, at other times a separate "starting fee" of 50€, minimum group size 10 people


  • пирс
  • Частный пляж
  • Сауна на дровах
  • Душ
from 25€/h
Petkeljärventie 61, 82900 Ilomantsi

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